Jamtown Instruments

(original logo 1996)

Jamtown is a musical place that's not on any map. You visit with friends every time you play music together...just as people around the globe have done for eons. The activity is as accessible today as it was thousands of years ago. Maybe you need a little nudge, and that's why we are here.

In 1995 I set out for adventure travel after 15 years in the corporate world. What ended in a successful journey through Mexico to find one instrument led to another, and another. Jamtown now works directly with producer groups in 8 countries from three continents. We supply gift, toy, music, fair trade & education markets in North America.

Jamtown instruments deliver authentic cultural context and great sound. Handmade. Fair Trade. Sounds that bring joy to our fast world in a timeless old-world way that will never go out of style.