Musical Birthdays


Always a drumming finale!

Delivered at a place of your choosing, we offer 3 programs based on target audience, always with a focus on the star of the day. 

Performance is 45 minutes for kids and 75 minutes for adult drumming. Up to 20 children plus adults ($10 each additional.) We provide Jamtown instruments for play and cover any incidental damages. And, we leave a hand-made Ocarina whistle party favor for each child!

Ages 1-4 enjoy a music and movement journey. Folk songs, original songs, and in-the-moment music with input from everyone in the band make your special day a hoot!  Shakers and sticks and drums of all kinds bring our stories to life! 

Ages 5-10 build a story learning to play bell, shaker, scraper and drum. Lots of input required ~ and kids say the darnedest things! Pick your favorite instrument for the finale....drum roll....

Ages 10 to 99 is a lighthearted hand drum workshop. We'll learn basis hand technique and patterns. Then, a multi-part rhythm, like Salmon Run Drum, offers all players a chance to shine. Just follow the conductor's visual and spoken cues and enjoy groove of your very own band! 

Our events feature Jamtown multicultural instruments. We are VERY open to customizing our program to meet your fantastic birthday vision. 

Total performance cost is $300 plus $25 travel if outside Seattle. 

Email or call to confirm availability: or 206 632 9136.

Drumming Birthday