Team Building for Business /Sports


 The unique benefit from music ~ visceral feedback!

Picture how an orchestra revolves around a simple goal - sounding great together! Now think of your team at it's best. All the elements are here ~ conductor=leader, first chair=managers, ensemble=staff. We provide an orchestra metaphor for your highly tuned business or sports team ~ but with rhythm and humor we can skip the practice hours!

No music experience is necessary. We'll equip your band with rhythm basics & how-to instruction. We'll explore personal rhythm perceptions and the impact of each voice on group play. Confidence will build with each new exercise. Group performance feedback is immediate and mirrors the process.

Let us explain how your organizational goals - communication, problem solving, adaptability, trust-building, or ___ can be reinforced during one of our programs.

Available for meeting/conference sessions from 1/2 to 2 hours and ice breakers.