Team Building for Business


 Expression + Connection 

A memorable shared experience for your team plays out when you choose a rhythm-based exercise. Participants quickly get past their hesitancy to play a bell, shaker, or small drum which allows the group to connect on a musical level. Picture how an orchestra revolves around a common goal. Our programs reinforce the impact of each voice/contribution and the power of the group moving together toward a common goal! 

No music experience is necessary. We'll equip your band with rhythm basics & how-to instruction. We'll explore personal rhythm expression and group play from many perspectives. Confidence will build with each new exercise. 

Let us explain how your conference goals or organizational challenges can be identified and replicated during a Jamtown music program for 6 to 400 participants (or more using only 'body' percussion such as claps, laps, snaps and taps.)

Available for meeting/conference sessions from ice-breakers to 2 hours in length. Please contact us for more information and pricing.