drumSTRONG Seattle


Each year drumSTRONG communities gather in small and large groups around the world with a single focus ~ to BEAT cancer! drumSTRONG Seattle will rock the city again in May of 2015.


DrumSTRONG Seattle is…

~ a community building rhythm-based event for everyone that has been affected by cancer

~ a worldwide coordinated event anchored by a 24 hour drum event in North Carolina - www.drumstrong.org

~ a donation driven fund raiser with 100% of local proceeds going to Seattle Children’s Hospital (make checks to Drums for Cures (a 501(3)(c) non-profit) ~your opportunity to play with a purpose – and put the disease on notice: WE will BEAT Cancer!

~ a fun, family friendly, facilitated event with drums provided or bring your own – and a chair too!

~outside!  weather permitting


We had a wonderful experience in May of 2014 ~ look for another great event in 2015 and on-going drumSTRONG events hosted by Jamtown.  

POSTERS! (thank you  www.seattleprintworks.com)

FB event (seattle): https://www.facebook.com/events/1421676521429211/?source=1


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