Day Care Enrichment

How to engage little jammers...

We have a unique program that blends folk and original songs told in story form, often with ukulele backup. Add a dose of drum circle facilitation technique featuring modulation and sequencing ~ rumbles loud/soft, tempo slow/fast, starting/stopping on cue to name a few and you get the idea. Since 2009, day care and preschool providers have looked to Jamtown for music and movement enrichment from waddlers to Pre - K.

Jamtown instrument favorites are coconut claves or sticks, caxixi shakers and many types of drums: djembes, frame drums, & our own Sun Moon Star drums. Other instruments we play include piano, flute, thumb piano, accordion, xylophone and harmonica.

Look for videos and song samples coming soon to our web site! 

From weekly to one-time events. References on request.