Our Story v.1

Music is everyones story. After 20 years of Jamtown fair trade and musical programs, I have recently come around to a deeper understanding of the role that music plays for all people and how my role as an enabler is not unique or remarkable, but important. Anyone of us that holds a space for others to fall into the spell that making music can cast is important. Simple pleasures in our complex world will also always be simple and pleasure-full. Our story is about the 


Whatever the celebration, from weddings to business team building, making music brings people together in a grounded, holistic manner ~ more important than ever in a world that relies on electronics to be connected. Music relies on the time-tested rhythms of life to show us how to connect as a community, relax, and have fun together with friends and family.


Some experiment as n a At Jamtown we offer traditional rhythm instruments from many cultures that celebrate Our Story. Since 1995, 'Play A Beat You Can Repeat'  is our advice for all who seek musical fun and kinship with friends.  


We source our indigenous musical instruments from ten countries on three continents. Jamtown is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999 (www.fairtradefederation.org) The artisans and their families that produce our instruments - and I have visited nearly all of them - are lovely people with families and dreams, just like the rest of us. Though less 'fortunate' I find their communities remarkably grounded. Perhaps it is because they live simply, and playing music with friends is a simple pleasure that keeps on giving.   


I have spent untold hours with small groups making music, developing programming, and refining instrument design. The Jamtown guides, cue cards, cd’s and dvd’s add value to beautiful, indigenous instruments by making it easy to the participate in the music experience. Several awards confirm the Jamtown approach. The Jamtown Junior Pak won the Parent's Choice Gold and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold award in 1999. In 2009 the Sun Moon Star Drum w/ DVD was awarded the Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence and a Parent’s Choice Approved award!