Revolution Floor Display Program - FREE Rack, FREE Shipping & Refill Discounts!

Revolution Floor Display Program - FREE Rack, FREE Shipping & Refill Discounts!
  • $1,700.00

We'll help you select $850 dollars worth of cool instruments - or you can pick them all. We provide the sturdy metal rack (value $100) and ~zing~ a multicultural world music department in 2 sq. feet! 

We ship the display and all products for free* (lower 48 or equivalent). And as long as you keep your rack in action, refill items ship with an 8% discount (better than free shipping). Maximize your ROI and profits by keeping your best sellers in stock!

We also offer a one-time 'recycle' program. It assures that you like the items we picked. Up to 120 days after receipt, you may return any like-new, unused product for full credit - to reorder proven sellers or try different items.  Keep the display fresh by rotating through our many display product options.

*For free shipping, order this product alone as the only item on an order. Create another order for other products to be shipped at the same time. We will call to customize your selection of products for the display. Canada orders will incur only an $80 charge to cover the export when shipped.

More Details: 

The Display features 24 different items on 4 rows of 6 pegs. Lower priced items pack the top two rows. Drums and longer profile items fill out the bottom tiers. 

You can choose all or none of the Display product. 

Lower prices items will turn over faster. Reorder frequently to maximize your return and we will reward you via an 8% discount on all Display items - that's better than free shipping!

Together we sell more product by offering more choices. And, we make the world a more musical place. Simple. Beautiful!

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